These seven animals have the most followers on Instagram

These seven animals have the most followers on Instagram

You might think the hype surrounding animals on Instagram will diminish over time, but they keep emerging. We don’t mind at all, because the accounts are often very entertaining and endearing. Incidentally, it’s not just dogs and cats that do well on The Gram, guinea pigs, birds, and reptiles also have fans. We have searched the most popular accounts. These animals owe their Instagram hacking and have happy owners. Because with so many followers, you can link it to the revenue model. Some owners go too far to register with their animals. But above all, see and judge for yourself. Above all, I have fun. Because that’s still the nice thing about these accounts.

The most famous animals on Instagram

They have more followers than you. Sometimes they have millions. They are called a pet fluencer and their food is cute, the pictures are cute and the owners know exactly what they’re doing. here we are!

1. Jeff Boom – 10.2 million followers

We understand why Jeff Boom has so many followers. The dog is incredibly cute and appears in all kinds of outfits on Instagram. The goods are for sale and the Pomeranian will likely be provided with all amenities for the rest of his life. Of course it also has a blue checkmark so you can be sure you’re following the “real jiff”.

2. Nala Cat – 4.3 million followers

Nala Cat does well with 4.3 million followers. And this is for a cat that comes from the shelter. In proportion to the real influencer, she released her own book, Live Your Best Life According to Nala Cat. Must read for all cats? Anyway, she is the cat with the most followers on Instagram and that is an achievement in itself.

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Doug the Pug – 3.9 million followers

Doug the Pug’s fame clearly doesn’t hurt his owners. The dog’s popularity is widely exploited for its stuffed animals, mouth masks, and toys. Netflix is ​​like an animated movie Mitchell Versus Machines And even Doug plays a part in this. You cannot get more famous as the dog.

4. Juniper & Friends – 3 million followers

Juniper is a fox and lives with other foxes in a shelter in the United States. To be clear: these are “baby animals”. We can say that juniper and other foxes were lucky. These animals are raised collectively for their fur. It’s a wonderful narrative full of happy foxes and sometimes a “friend” comes along.

5. Angry Cat – 2.5 million followers

Unfortunately, Grumpy Cat is no longer here, but the account is still alive. Although Nala has more followers, Grumpy may be the most famous of all cats. Because the angry view of the animal is world famous. “Tardar sauce,” this cat’s real name, is still missed by its owners.

6- Shinjiro Uno – 2.5 million followers

Japanese dog Maru has a growing Instagram account. Shinjiro is the name of its owner. Maru is adorable and at home in all markets. In fact, you especially want to feel for yourself how fluffy his coat is. And we fall into that en masse, so following is the “next best thing” for now.

7. Lil BUB – 2.3 million followers

You might know Lil Bub. This cat, unfortunately, is no longer alive, has a birth defect that causes its tongue to stick out from its open mouth. BUB owners still miss it. Thankfully, they regularly share pictures of her and their other cats.

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Special notices

There are a number of distinct animals that we would like to highlight. These creatures deserve a special mention.

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