These players are hibernating at another club

These players are hibernating at another club

The lists of players were published two days before the start of the Hoofdklasse Hall. Like every indoor season, veterans – on paper at least – return to the selections, and a small group of players spend the winter at another club.

International Jim Van de Veen, who plays for FC Nijmegen, has found shelter with Amsterdam, as has Degan Heusmann, who usually plays with his neighbor Hurley. Another look at Amsterdam’s selection shows Robert Tejes, current assistant at Oranje Heren Zaal, is also on the list.

Floris Midendorp is missing from the Amsterdam squad. He will play with Hatim as well as Karst Timmer (HGC), Nick Culott-Discore (former Amsterdam player) and Lukas Midendorp (Little Switzerland).

adventure elsewhere

With Klein Zwitserland not being active at the highest level in the hall this season, many of the club’s players from The Hague are opting for an adventure elsewhere. Besides Middendorp, Camil Papa (HIC), Martijn van Grimbergen (Rotterdam) and Nick van Trigt (Rotterdam) have found another winter destination.

Messrs. Hatem during the starting championship in Falkenhuizen, Arnhem. Photo: William Vernes

In Rotterdam we find, among other things, the name of Timmo Kranstauber, an old acquaintance of Rotterdam. He won the national title in the lounge with the club in 2014. The other Warriors on the player lists are Philip Mullenbroek and Schord de Wert at Kampong, Mink van der Werden and Bob de Vogde at Orange Road.

Lucas Sutorius is missing from Pinnock. He plays with Bloemendaal this indoor season.


For the women, former SCHC players Sarah Jaspers and Valerie van Oedijk have defended the Amsterdam colours. Nor is Elsemiek Groen, Heintje Davids hockey player, not missing out among Amsterdammers. Keepster Karlijn Adank, which stopped last summer, is registered with Victoria.

View the lists of the players of the major league clubs in the hall

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