These are the ten most beautiful forgotten road trips

Dit zijn de tien mooiste vergeten roadtrips

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The road trip is perfect for getting to know every corner of the country. With the car you park wherever you want, you make detours to the best coffee shops along the way and sometimes discover pieces of paradise you would never find otherwise. When we think of road trips, we quickly think of the legendary roads in the United States that have been romanticized multiple times and brought to life through road trip films. But “” has now compiled a list of unknown gems.

United States and Europe

First a road not far: the Causeway Coastal Trail in Northern Ireland. This 313 km trail has a 98% rating on Tripadvisor, but was searched on Google only 23,700 times last year. In second place is the “Route des Crêtes” in France: an 89-kilometre road in the east of the country that runs right through Vosges. Only 131,200 people searched for this route online, while the route got 99%. All remaining routes are in the United States, except for the Great St. Bernard Pass in Italy’s Aosta Valley and the Napoleon Way, the route Napoleon took after returning from exile in Elba.

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Here are the ten most underrated methods:

1. Causeway Coastal Road, Northern Ireland

2. Via Crete, France

3. Foothills of Parkway, USA

4. Lamar Valley, USA

5. Trail Ridge Road, USA

6. Bartooth Highway, USA

7. Via Napoleon, France

8. San Juan Skyway, USA

9. Needles Highway, USA

10. The Great St. Bernard Pass, Italy

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