These are the September 2022 movies, Mission: Impossible 7, Salem’s Lot, Distant, and more.

These are the September 2022 movies, Mission: Impossible 7, Salem's Lot, Distant, and more.

In the coming days, we look forward to what movies you can expect to see in cinemas for the rest of this year. We will move to September 2022.

Anyway, this month brings us new Mission: Impossible Full of amazing stunts from Tom Cruise, a new game a lot safeAdapted movie and expect an interesting sci-fi movie far.

a lot safe (2022)

Director: Gary Doberman | spit: Kid Woodward, Spencer Treat Clark, Alfre Woodard, William Sadler | release date: September 9

Ben Merz is a man who returns to his childhood home in Jerusalem. He is looking for inspiration for his new book. But as soon as he gets there, he learns that his hometown is being threatened by a vampire.

Dark Harvest (2022)

Director: David Slade | spit: Elizabeth Reaser, Luke Kirby, Jeremy Davis, Emery Crutchfield | release date: September 22

A legendary monster named October Boy terrorizes the residents of a small town in the midwestern United States. Every Halloween he comes out of the cornfields to harvest victims.

Mission: Impossible 7 (2022)

Director: Christopher McCurry | spit: Bom Klementieff, Vanessa Kirby, Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell | release date: September 29

What this new movie will be in the franchise is of course not yet known. Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt will once again embark on a grand adventure that involves some strange and amazing actions to prevent the world from coming to an end. But what for?

do not worry my love (2022)

Director: Olivia Wilde | spit: Florence Pugh, Olivia Wilde, Dita Von Teese, Chris Pine | release date: During the month of September

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Fifties: A housewife and her husband live in a utopian community in the middle of the desert. She lives a seemingly perfect life. One day, she makes an unusual discovery about her life that reveals disturbing secrets.

far (2022)

Director: Josh Gordon, Will Speck | spit: Anthony Ramos, Naomi Scott, Christopher Hivju, Zachary Quinto | release date: in September

In the movie Distant, we follow a miner who helps mine an asteroid. He collides with an alien planet, where he has to race for the only other survivor. But the problems are great, because he is being hunted by strange creatures and has almost no oxygen.

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