These are the nominees for the NOC*NSF Sportgala, who would you vote for? | Sports Concert 2021

These are the nominees for the NOC*NSF Sportgala, who would you vote for?  |  Sports Concert 2021

voteThe nation’s top athletes will be put in the spotlight Wednesday night during the NOC*NSF Sportgala. Who will win the prizes based on 2020 and 2021? We’ve taken an overview of all the candidates and are curious who you’ll vote for. Fill out the survey!

athlete of the year

Max Verstappen (Formula 1)
We don’t really need to explain why Max Verstappen had a chance for the honorary title, but in a nutshell: He finished third in the world championship in 2020 (two GP wins) and became the world champion this year (ten GP wins). The obvious candidate to succeed Matthew van der Poel.

Max Verstappen. © Getty Images

Nick Keeman (BMX)
A few days ago today, he bumped into an inattentive official. You might think goodbye to the Olympic dream. But Niek Kimmann is not Niek Kimmann if he just got his own BMX and finally completed the weird story by winning the Olympic gold. As an icing on the cake, he also crowned himself world champion for the third year in a row in the Year of the Absolute Dream.

Nick Keeman.
Nick Keeman. © Bim Ras Photography

Harry Lafrisen (cycling trail)
When you think of Harrie Lavreysen, you think of Jeffrey Hoogland. Together they won the Olympic gold medal in the team sprint and reached the final of the Olympic sprint, where they had not been friends for a while. Hoogland won the first round, Lavreysen won the second and then also the decisive sprint. De Brabander also won the Olympic bronze medal in the Keren, after which he became the world champion in all three parts, just as he did in 2020. Then we almost forgot his European titles in the sprint and team sprint.

Harry Lafrisen beats Jeffrey Hoagland.
Harry Lafrisen beats Jeffrey Hoagland. © AP

Sportswear of the year

Sivan Hassan (athletics)
He did something no one would have thought for a second: he ran 1,500, 5,000 and 10,000 meters in a few days. In fact, I sometimes got into work for a series in the morning and had to finish the (semi) final later in the day. She was “a little tired” but won two Olympic golds in Tokyo and a bronze in the 1500m. Historically: no one has ever told her about it.

Sivan Hassan.
Sivan Hassan. © ANP

Susan Schulting (short track)
Where Susan Schulting first appears, the competition knows that silver is usually the highest that can be achieved. At the European Championships in Debrecen and Gdansk, 24-year-old Scholting won at least nine gold medals. Last year she won five gold medals at the World Championships in Dordrecht.

Susan Schulting.
Susan Schulting. © ANP

Anime Van Vleuten (Cycling)
This year in Tokyo he was able to deal with all the misery of five years ago. “De Val” in Rio de Janeiro has remained true to the career of Annemiek van Vleuten. I thought for a moment that she was set free when she was allowed to make the victory gesture in a road race in Tokyo, but once with her caretaker realization appeared and she spoke the already legendary words: “Rod, I was wrong.” Anna Kiesenhofer was already inside, and only Van Vleuten’s silver was left. After a few days, almost everything is forgotten when you miss nothing from the competition in the time trial and still take the long-awaited Olympic gold.

Anime Van Vleuten.
Anime Van Vleuten. © Bim Ras Photography

Sports Team of the Year

Track Cycling Team Runner
They simply cannot be defeated. The Dutch team’s sprinters have been unbeaten (with Roy van den Berg, Lafraisen and Hoagland as permanent cores) since November 2017, and several titles have been added this year. Best win? Olympic gold medal in Tokyo for strength with concrete thighs.

Hoogland, Van den Berg, and Lavreysen.
Hoogland, Van den Berg, and Lavreysen. © Photo: Cor Vos

women hockey
Hockey women have not known for a long time what a loss is. In Rio, silver was still won, but since then it has been won almost everywhere. Just as with the runners on the team, the ice followed in Tokyo: a gold after a beautiful final against Argentina (3-1).

Dutch women hockey cheering after winning the final.
Dutch women hockey cheering after winning the final. © ANP

My husband’s blasphemy
After 25 years, the men conquered the Olympic rowing gold again. My husbands men were responsible for it. Tone Wieten, Koen Metsemakers, Dirk Uittenbogaard and Abe Wiersma all fought well from the back, with the Olympic gold medal as the final reward.

Joy after winning the gold medal.
Joy after winning the gold medal. © AP


Who will be the sports team this year?

  • Track Team runner (68%)

  • women hockey (22%)

  • Double rowing (10%)

11205 votes

Disabled Athlete of the Year

Jetze Plat (cycling and para triathlon)
He again became the world champion several times (road racing, time trial and triathlon) and also won three gold medals at the Paralympic Games in those parts. An unprecedented season for Jetze Plat. He was already named the best Paralympic athlete in 2017 and 2019.

Getzy Platt.
Getzy Platt. © ANP

Did de Groot (wheelchair tennis)
What Novak Djokovic failed to do in men’s tennis, Did de Groot succeeded in Para tennis: completing the “Golden Slam.” De Groot won all the major tournaments in singles, including the Olympic tennis tournament. She also won the doubles in Tokyo.

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Did de Groot.
Did de Groot. © AFP

Women’s basketball team in a wheelchair
Women wheelchair basketball players win the Olympic gold medal by defeating China in the final. First, because after four bronze medals and one silver, the team finally had a huge success for the team that also won the European title.

Jessica Visser.
Jessica Visser. © AP


Who will be the best Paralympic athlete of the year?

  • Jetze Flat (41%)

  • Did de Groot (31%)

  • Wheelchair basketball players (28%).

9149 votes

general coach

Hugo Hack (bicycle path)
The big man behind the successes of the Dutch track team. He stopped after this year, because he didn’t think he could do better. Runners led by Hugo Hack won five Olympic medals. He can succeed himself as the winner.

Hugo Hook.
Hugo Hook. © Kor Voss

Laurent Mooy (athletics)
Best moment in past games? Perhaps the silver medal for the men’s 4×400 relay. The big man behind this success is the 47-year-old Swiss Laurent Moeli. He also takes a medal in the individual 400 meters (hurdles) with a pupil: Fimke Paul wins bronze.

Angela Ramsey, Terence Agard, William Marvin Bonifacia and Tony Van Diepen.
Angela Ramsey, Terence Agard, William Marvin Bonifacia and Tony Van Diepen. © ANP

Elke van der Waal (para-cycling)
As the national cyclist coach, Elke van der Waal won no less than sixteen medals in Tokyo. Nine times the rider wins gold, three times silver and four times bronze.

Para cyclist Daniel Abraham Gibru with a bronze medal.
Para cyclist Daniel Abraham Gibru with a bronze medal. © Reuters


Who will be the coach of the year?

  • Hugo Hook (55%)

  • Laurent Moy (29%)

  • Elk van der Waal (15%)

8640 votes

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