These are profiles and salaries

These are profiles and salaries

The technology company launched the search for 20 employees, who will be part of its more than 10,000 employees in the country

Technology company Microsoft needs to cover 20 new jobs In the country, those who will join its employees who already have more than 10,000 workers in Argentina.

It is a company that seeks to play a central role in the country’s economic recovery and for this reason, since December last year, it has worked with the Ministry of Productive Development to train 1,000,000 Argentines and plans to finish the program in five years.

In this need to expand, It offers many benefits to its employees, such as the possibility to work remotely, flexible working hours, high salaries and prepaid medication.

What employee profiles do you need

Microsoft tech needs to fill 20 new jobs in the country

On the social network LinkedIn, Microsoft has posted several posts. Most of them require knowledge of programming, languages ​​and experience in a field of more than one year.

The fees they request are the following:

  • Client Success Consultant and Consulting
  • Adviser and Accreditation and Change Manager
  • Partner Development Manager
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Programming Engineers
  • technical specialist
  • Data Scientists
  • the program manger
  • Account Port

Microsoft Payroll

Among its benefits is that it provides the possibility of working remotely

In fact, salaries are not placed in publications LinkedIn, but for example – according to salary website Glassdoor – an account manager at a company is making about $250,000 a month and that could go as high as $467 thousand.

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Another example is salaries Cloud Architects, which can exceed 180 thousand dollars per month.

The highest salaries in the entire technology sector are Data ScientistsA beginner earns around $104,000 per month while a semi-professional and senior staff member can reach $200,000 per month. Whereas, software engineers can earn $300,000 per month.

Generally, wages It wasn’t under $100,000 a month.

While in the highest positions, salaries usually exceed $300,000 and go up to $400,000.

How will the offices of the future be, according to Microsoft

There is no doubt that remote work as a result of the epidemic has revolutionized the spaces and methods of work. Video calls have mostly become an essential tool in the everyday life of the average worker. But technological changes never stop defeating them, and now Microsoft Revealed the news to expect for the workplace.

In Madrid, in the framework of a conference, the software company presented a prototype of what the offices of the future will be – one not too far away – and what are its main tools.

Offices provided by Microsoft will prioritize the naturalization of virtualization

Offices provided by Microsoft will prioritize the naturalization of virtualization

How is Microsoft’s innovative room

With screens Everywhere, the design of the new workspace is perfectly adapted to the digital proposals the company offers, such as Teams.

Regarding the fundamental change these future corporate rooms will represent, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed from his LinkedIn account: “Hybrid work represents the biggest change in the way we work in our generation.”.

New remote work policies have rocked the world of work, to the point that a year ago, only 15% of companies had a teleworking policy. According to a study published jointly by Microsoft with KRC Research and BGC, today this figure has risen to 76% in Europe, and reached 83% in Spain.

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New heroes sensors and screens

under name Experience teamsThe room contains many immersive and virtual experiences. Organizations that integrate these spaces will be able to interact, explore, and directly experience to discover the great potential of collaborative work, according to the company.

Teams Xperience offices will offer various immersive virtual experiences

Teams Xperience offices will offer various immersive virtual experiences

Microsoft has not implemented this idea on its own. He got help from his partner Rico, who was responsible for designing and implementing an end-to-end interoperable collaboration solution starting from room reservation via email, to end of session and room checkout so that it appears available again in the booking system. To this end, a series of presence sensors were integrated into the space to activate all the elements, making them ready to go into action.

Video calls that replace face to face

Replacing live meetings, video calls have been a boom in the pandemic. In this type of office in the future, the technology company offers the option of having large screens for Video calls that let you show people nearly life size. The camera that captures the video is located at eye level to simulate a natural appearance.

On the other hand, the microphones are located in the ceiling to prevent it from interfering. Nature and comfort were the basis for the design of this new form of communication.

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