These are all countries that do not have a speed limit on the highway

These are all countries that do not have a speed limit on the highway

Driving too fast? We never do that. Driving faster than allowed? Ah, that’s another story. Nope, as a perfect car platformer, we’re here to tell you that you just have to stick to the speed. To check how much power your car has left above 200 km/h, you need to do it on the track. or where it is permitted to do so. So: What are all the countries that do not have a speed limit on the highway?

Countries with no speed limits: Germany

We mention them for completeness, but as a TopGear reader and Western neighbor, you know there are places on the German motorway where there are no speed limits. Even though there are strong lobbies for maximum speed, you can still move forward at the speed you want at the moment. Provided that there are no traffic jams, caravans or work. And they are always there.

Isle of Man (Isle of Man)

The Isle of Man (or Isle of Man) is famous for the motorcycle races that take place there. Of course there is no speed limit for these drivers during the event, but did you know that there is no speed limit outside residential areas whatsoever? And we’re not just talking about highways. In fact, there are hardly any of them.

Note that you still have to act on the road. The police can always fine you for dangerous driving. So take the boat to the Isle of Man to enjoy the roads there, but be responsible and think of the other road users. You won’t be the first to overestimate yourself there.

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All motorways in Vatican City

If you happen to hit a highway in Vatican City, you can drive as fast as you want there. Why do you think the Pope had a Lamborghini Huracan? By the way, take a look at the map of Vatican City before you drive to Rome.

Australia is no longer on the list of countries with no speed limit

The Stewart Highway runs from north to south of Australia and is often referred to simply as the track. This highway has a total length of 2,720 kilometers – so you’re on the road for a while if you have to maintain a speed of 100 km/h. Until 2007, there was no speed limit on the mega-highway, so you can drive.

Although there is plenty of room for speed, it also takes a long time before emergency services are on site. There is also a great deal of wildlife in Australia. For various reasons, a maximum speed of 130 km / h was introduced in 2007. It is noteworthy that the number of fatal accidents increased at that time.

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In 2014, certain areas reopened to drive at your own pace, on a trial basis. The experiment was successful and no deaths were recorded. That’s why more parts have been unlocked where you can drive at your own pace. Unfortunately, eighteen months later, the fun is over and the speed limit on Stewart’s Highway is now 130 km/h again.

In the UAE, you are allowed 160 km/h

Not a stretch of asphalt where you can drive as fast as you want, but on the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Expressway and Sheikh Khalifa Highway you can go at 160 km/h. Abu Dhabi is the only emirate where you are not allowed to drive at 20 km/h without a ticket; This is the case in other emirates. For example, in other emirates there are highways where you can drive at a speed of 140 km / h, so in some cases you can also drive at a speed of 160 km / h.

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Prima Facie Speed ​​Limit in America

In some US states, you have what they call Prima Facie speed limits. Prima Facie in Latin means “at first sight”. This is the speed limit that applies if there are no speed markings. In California, for example, you can drive up to 40 km/h near schools if there are no signs.

Why we mention it: In some cases, the lack of a speed signal is interpreted as “there is no speed limit”. So this is not true. Basically, you have a speed limit everywhere in the US. However, Prima Facie’s speed limits seem to allow room for interpretation and therefore easy to challenge fines. You don’t get that from us.

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