There may soon be a new vote of confidence in the British Prime Minister

There may soon be a new vote of confidence in the British Prime Minister
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A vote of confidence on Boris Johnson’s future as Prime Minister of Great Britain is expected on Wednesday evening. Four ministers have resigned since Tuesday due to dissatisfaction with Johnson’s performance. In addition, more than thirty other senior officials resigned.

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For such a vote, however, the rules must change. Exactly a month ago, Johnson survived another vote, and usually a new vote can’t be held until a year later.

According to British media, the commission is now considering amending the rules to make this possible. Then a new vote of confidence could be taken in the short term. Johnson himself is confident he will remain UK prime minister on Thursday.

A vote of confidence on Boris Johnson’s future as UK Prime Minister may take place tonight. National Ports Agency / Agence France-Presse

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According to reporter Lea van Beethoven, Johnson’s refusal to resign is more of conviction than strategy. “He says he has the mandate of a large majority of voters, so voters should decide his future, not the party.” So Johnson will do everything in his power to avoid resigning. Voluntary flight is not really an option.


In the past 24 hours, 31 ministers and other members of the government have already resigned from their duties to the government because they lost confidence in Johnson. This represents more than a quarter of the 120 MPs who work in the government. Prime Minister Michael Gove has not yet resigned, but he has asked the Prime Minister to resign, according to the Daily Mail.

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And many Conservative MPs are no longer happy with it. They have sent letters to the committee that can call for a new vote of confidence and call for a change of rules.

Johnson is still fighting

A vote of confidence normally requires 54 such letters. They were there a month ago, and then 148 party members voted against Johnson, 41% of Conservative MPs. For the new vote, the committee wants to receive messages from half of the MPs. In this case, it will also be immediately clear that Johnson has lost confidence and will lose the vote. A spokesman for the prime minister has already indicated that he is a hawk and expects to also survive the confidence vote in the future.

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