There is no deadline for the transfer of Afghans to the Netherlands | interior

There is no deadline for the transfer of Afghans to the Netherlands |  interior

He did not say if there were plans for new flights. “We can’t say anything about the future in terms of safety.” Last week, 184 Afghans from Pakistan arrived at Eindhoven Airport.

The spokesman said Pakistan’s pledge was “reasonable” for the transfer of 256 Afghans who are still in Afghanistan. This concerns Afghans who are at risk in their country because they have worked for the Netherlands and are allowed to come to the Netherlands, but do not have valid travel documents. They are allowed to enter Pakistan by land. From there they can take a flight to the Netherlands.

The foreign affairs spokesman said that among the people waiting for a flight to the Netherlands in Pakistan, “a few families” were informed (again) after a call from the Netherlands. The Netherlands has not been in contact with them for months. They have been called by email or text – on their last known number – to report before July 22nd if they want to come here with the help of the Netherlands.

Afghans who didn’t The Netherlands no longer actively deals with Afghans. They can still come to a Dutch embassy in a country neighboring Afghanistan, after which they will be transferred to the Netherlands after all. Afghans from the group with which there is no longer contact are entitled to asylum if they can reach the Netherlands under their own authority.


Between June 28 and August 8, 625 people from Afghanistan came to Pakistan in this way, where they were received by the Netherlands. Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra wrote to the House of Representatives that, in the coming weeks, they will travel to the Netherlands on chartered and commercial flights.

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As of August 26 last year – the end of the evacuation phase – so far, 2,299 Afghans have been transferred from Afghanistan to the Netherlands.

Exactly a year has passed since the fall of the Afghan capital, Kabul, and the Taliban’s seizure of power in the country. The Dutch armed forces will initially bring 400 Afghans to the Netherlands. They were in danger in their own country because they worked for the Netherlands, during missions and for the Dutch embassy. The pool of Afghans who were allowed to come to the Netherlands was expanded under pressure from the House of Representatives, among other things.

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