There are many questions about the Wallner mobile phone

There are many questions about the Wallner mobile phone

In its request on Thursday, the Freedom Party wanted to know if there was an order to delete data on the governor’s mobile phone and tablet and what could have been deleted. According to MP Christoph Becchi of the FPÖ, many Vorarlberger residents have been asking themselves what Waller is hiding.

The Social Democrats also applied on Thursday. They want to know what data could have been deleted from any devices by Wallner. According to SPÖ deputy Manuela Orr, the governor cannot decide for himself the data on his work cell phone. For them, the question of whether wallet SMS is backed up and archived is also crucial. According to the bylaws, both questions must be answered within three weeks.

The NEOS parliamentary group also joined in the late afternoon Thursday, but directed its request to the state advisor in charge of IT, Daniel Zadra (Greens), who informed WKStA of the planned data deletion last week.

Zadra: “There was a specific request”

“There was a specific request for deletion and whether this data will be permanently deleted,” Zadra said Thursday in an interview with ORF Vorarlberg about Wallner’s cell phone. When asked if he can rule out deletion of data from the IT department, Zadra replied that it was not his job to specify that. Now it’s the authorities’ turn.

Wallner has stressed several times that he will cooperate with all authorities, and so am I, says Zadra: “We must now make sure that we put political action first.”

Governor Wallner’s office also said all data would be available and that it would cooperate fully with authorities.

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Eddie about the wallet’s cell phone data

Governor Markus Wallner’s official mobile phone (ÖVP) is the subject of inquiries from the SPÖ and the FPÖ in the state parliament. The question is whether the data on the cell phone can be deleted. And if this is the case, then what data could it be.

Wallner’s statement in the state parliament

The cell phone exchange of Wallner’s work just as interest in the WKStA begins to raise more questions. According to Wallner, he received a new cell phone and a new tablet, but none of the data was deleted, he confirms.

At Wednesday’s state parliament session, Wallner then explained why he would consider removing the data from his old cell phone: “On my old cell phone – it doesn’t reset nor delete – there are several thousand private photos. I don’t know who this work for.”

Business cell phone: it’s hard to draw boundaries

Constitutional expert Peter Bußjäger says in an interview with ORF Vorarlberg that the private use of the company’s cell phones is clearly regulated. In principle, the state of Vorarlberg, like every employer, should clearly regulate private use. Private photos will be set clearly. However, with chat messages, it becomes more difficult: “In the end, it is the body itself that decides what should be attributed to private communications.”

The situation is different in the case of private chats about filling posts: “Because this communication can be made in a private way, but, of course, it concerns the public function.” Wallner also has many functions. He is the state governor, but also the head of the ÖVP party. “Of course, you can already start discussing which area which letter belongs to.” Hence, it is difficult to draw a line between private messages and private messages. In addition, it should be clear to politicians that deals are not made over cell phones.

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