“Theft of unprecedented proportions”, twenty containers stolen in Mexico

"Theft of unprecedented proportions", twenty containers stolen in Mexico

In Mexico, a group of about 15 armed robbers committed a robbery of “unprecedented proportions,” according to police. They stole at least 20 containers full of precious metals and electronics from a warehouse in the town of Manzanillo, 400 kilometers west of Mexico City.

A local police spokesman told the Mexican newspaper Millenio that such a large-scale robbery had never happened before. “Containers have been stolen before, but not many have been stolen at the same time.”

Ten hours of burglary

Armed robbers stormed a transport company and overpowered the security men there. Then they took nearly ten hours to sort out all the containers on site and see which ones they would take with them. They may have loaded the selected containers onto their trucks with cranes.

The loot has not been recovered. Mexican authorities haven’t said much yet about the June 5 theft. The news came out only yesterday. The head of the national customs confirmed to the Mexican press that organized crime was behind it and that the public prosecutor was investigating the case.

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