The World Economic Forum scoffed at comparing climate change on Venus to that on Earth – RT World News

The World Economic Forum scoffed at comparing climate change on Venus to that on Earth - RT World News

When it comes to fighting climate change, experts at the World Economic Forum believe we can learn from Venus, which has devastated its oceans and temperate climate. All that, and no one on Venus drives a car.

“We can learn a lot about climate change from Venus, our sister planet,” Read an article on the World Economic Forum (WEF) website this week. According to the publication, new scientific modeling has revealed that for most of its history, Venus has had surface temperatures similar to those of present-day Earth, complete with oceans, rain and even snow.

That all changed when continuous volcanic eruptions pushed enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to make the planet the scorching wasteland and uninhabitable as it is today.

The WEF article warned that massive volcanic eruptions, which occur here on Earth every 20 to 30 million years, could do the same for our planet, permanently changing our planet in the way that fossil fuel consumption could not.

This isn’t to say that man-made climate change doesn’t exist here on Earth – which, unlike Venus, we’re pretty sure has been habitable (and inhabited) for quite some time.

But forecasts like these are dire, and for many online commentators, it has undermined the argument of the World Economic Forum that humanity needs to urgently transition to a carbon-free economy to survive global warming – all part of the post-virus “ Great Reset ”. Corona, which the organization and its supporters envisioned in politics.

If only Venus had listened to the dodging teenager Conservative critic Stephen Miller tweeted, in clear reference to Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, whose crusade against fossil fuels made headlines last year.

While catastrophic volcanic eruptions could nullify any carbon tax, vehicle embargo, or “ green new deal ” passed here on Earth, the World Economic Forum article did not exclude man-made impacts of climate change – it simply did not mention this.

Should that happen, the World Economic Forum has already set its sights on the moon, and A. ‘Speed ​​to gold’ In the coming decades, companies and governments set out to strip barren space rocks of thorium, uranium and precious helium.

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