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WK-leider na Amerika ook altijd wereldkampioen

The season has five more races and anything could still happen between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. However, the Dutchman has history on his side when it comes to the fight for the world title. For example, the world championship leader always became a champion after the US Grand Prix. In this GPFans Special, we take a look at the Formula 1 history books.

Starting in 2012. That year, Hamilton won his first American Grand Prix at the racetrack in Austin. Sebastian Vettel was 13 points ahead of runner-up Fernando Alonso. However, the race for it was the last of the year. This was the Brazilian Grand Prix. In it Vettel managed to secure the championship. The difference with the Spaniard in the end was three points.

Vettel domination

The following year, the German became world champion for the fourth time. After the US Grand Prix, which Vettel won, he was at the top of the standings. Then his main rival was Alonso. However, the difference was already so great that the Germans could no longer be bypassed. For example, the Spaniard has 227 points and Vettel has already collected 372 points. With only the race remaining in Sao Paulo, it was impossible for the two-time world champion.

Vettel 2013 US GP

Hybrid era

In the first year of the hybrid era, 2014, Mercedes was the most dominant car. After the American Grand Prix, there was not only a race in Brazil on the programme, but also the season finale in Abu Dhabi. Hamilton won the race this year, and his title challenger was Nico Rosberg, who is also his teammate. After the American race, the Briton was 24 points ahead. He eventually won his second world championship that year.

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Hamilton 2014 US GP

In 2015, Mercedes was the fastest again. After the Grand Prix in Austin, not only did Brazil and Abu Dhabi participate in the programme, but Mexico joined in. Also this time it was the two-time world champion Hamilton who was allowed to take the highest step in the race. He was also first in the standings at the time with 327 points. Vettel, who finished second after the US Grand Prix, was later surpassed by Rosberg. It was in vain, because in the end the world title went to Great Britain.

The only address of Rosberg

Also in 2016, the Mercedes driver will become the world champion. Hamilton won the race at the Circuit of the Americas, just four seconds ahead of second-placed Rosberg. But in the standings, Rosberg led by 26 points. The German will not give up this lead. At the end of the season he won his first and last world championship. In the end, Rosberg had a five-point lead over his teammate at the end of the stage.

Rosberg 2016 FIA World Championship Gala

In 2017, Valtteri Bottas became Hamilton’s teammate at Mercedes. Rosberg, who took the title a year ago, immediately said goodbye. This season it was between Vettel and Hamilton. Hamilton won the United States Grand Prix. At that time, the Briton had a 66-point lead over the German in the championship. The next race, in Mexico, took the title.

Hamilton 2017 US GP

Raikkonen’s last win

Vettel was Hamilton’s main contender for the world championship in 2018. The Briton managed to take the lead in America. But it will be on Sunday afternoon Kimi Raikkonen. He managed to achieve his last victory in Formula 1 on American soil. However, Hamilton was on top of the title after that race. That year he also managed to win the world championship. He did that next race in Mexico.

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Raikkonen 2018 US GP

2019 was the last year we were in America. 2020, of course, was overshadowed by the pandemic, so racing in the US was out of the question. In 2019, Bottas was Hamilton’s main competitor. Finn was very powerful on American soil. Not only did he manage to be the fastest on Saturday, but he also took the win. It wasn’t enough, as teammate Hamilton crossed the finish line in second place which was enough to claim his sixth title.

Bottas 2019 US GP

It is not a guaranteed prediction to determine if Verstappen can win the world title in 2021. However, statistics show that the odds are in his favour.

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