The week in Licht op Leiden: Water polo player Efke van Belkom

The week in Licht op Leiden: Water polo player Efke van Belkom

Iefke van Belkum received a tape in March 2021. (Photo: Emil van Aelst).

Leiden, Oct 24, 2021, 11:23 a.m. By Editors

Evke van Belkom guest at yacht op leiden this week. Water polo player Leiden has been considered the best in the world for years. She moved to the United States for her sport at a very young age. In Beijing she became an exciting Olympic champion with the Dutch national team. She has now completed her football career and is the head coach of the women’s team ZVL-1886.

Presenter Ton Kohlbeck talks with Van Belkum about her youth, sports career and the Royal Award she received in 2021.

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