The water flows into Uluru after heavy rains in Northern Territory, Australia

The water flows into Uluru after heavy rains in Northern Territory, Australia

(CNN) – After torrential rains in northern Australia, which have been attacked for about a week, stunning images of waterfalls have surfaced in Uluru, the sacred sandstone rock in the desert plains of the Northern Territory. Red center.

The videos and photos show gallons of water pouring from the bright red rocks, with total rainfall reaching five times the monthly average for March in just four days in the hardest hit areas.

The dry spot was usually pelted during the rain, causing picturesque slides to flow through the holes carved into the stone.

“I’ve lived and worked in Uluru for 4 years, and I’ve never seen such waterfalls and rain,” Stacy McGregor, who works for a local travel agency, told CNN.

She added: “I was in the park at 11 am and came back at 5 pm when the rain was increasing to take these pictures,” referring to the pictures posted on them. Facebook page of the social networking site.

Multiple waterfalls fall on the roof of Uluru.

Stacy McGregor / AP

The rainfall was five times the monthly average in March, dropping in just four days in some areas.

Stacy McGregor / AP

Few of the lucky few have been able to see the falls in Uluru, but tourists have been banned from crossing the sacred site since late 2019, after indigenous people in Anango said visitors had emptied the surface, dumped garbage and polluted nearby water sources.

Before the ban went into effect, tens of thousands of tourists had boarded the royal plane.

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Uluru is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located 450 km west of Alice Springs. At 1,142 feet tall, it is higher than the Eiffel Tower in London and the Shard Skyscraper. The weather is often hot, slippery and windy, and at least 35 people have been killed since the early 1950s.

CNN’s Alisha Ibrahimji contributed to this report.

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