The US stopped the Dutch for a longer time

The US stopped the Dutch for a longer time

If you are planning a road trip across the United States or a trip to New York City, you need patience. The United States will remain closed for the time being to tourists from the Netherlands and other Schengen countries. Because of the delta variable, the United States does not want to relax the rules for tourists from the Schengen area.

Thomas Heber

European countries had just pushed for relaxation and reopened borders to conditional US travelers in June. Merkel asked Biden about it when she was on a visit. Other Schengen countries have also increased pressure (…). This is really bad news for tourists from the Netherlands, airlines that have also lobbied and hotels in the US that international tourists need, says Jan Postma, US correspondent.

The Dutch in the US are stuck

In addition, it is also a problem for Dutch citizens who reside in the United States, but do not have a US passport or so-called “green card”. If they only have a visa, they are also somehow stuck. You can leave America, but you will never enter the country again. Unless you spend two weeks in a third country, a non-Schengen country, according to Postma. Travel restrictions apply until at least August 21.

“But there wasn’t much optimism about how they said that,” the US reporter heard. It depends on how the delta variable develops. This alternative also works in the United States. Especially in areas where people do not feel the urge to vaccinate. This is mainly in the southern and central United States. That’s why the country wants to see how this develops and gets under control before allowing international visitors back in.

Americans to Europe

However, according to Postma, it is ironic that Americans are allowed to travel to Europe, but Europeans are not allowed to travel to the United States. They go on vacation to Greece, France and all other beautiful places. It doesn’t matter if they are vaccinated or not. But the United States does not want it on the contrary. While someone from Florida “Flashfire” is allowed to fly across America, according to Postma.

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