The US right to abortion could be revoked

The US right to abortion could be revoked

Whoopi Goldberg gives her candid opinion on the possible repeal of the right to abortion in the United States on the TV show The View. Goldberg stresses that this is a humanitarian issue, not a religious one. She tells her shocking story: At the age of 14 she had an abortion on her own, because there was no safe way to do it at the time.

“Why was abortion once talked about and laws in place because women in this country have always lived with the idea that abortion was illegal. So when a woman decided that pregnancy wasn’t right for her, she took matters into her own hands.

One time I found women in public restrooms where these women had aborted themselves because there was no safe and clean place to do so. The law was established to ensure safety and cleanliness. It is now over, if that decision becomes a reality. Deciding to have an abortion isn’t easy, it’s not something you just do. It’s horrible, and if there are now people who say you’ll end up in hell if you get an abortion, you’re not looking at human matters. This is not okay.”

On Tuesday, the chief justice said the draft ruling was uncertain and could still be changed. A final decision is expected at the end of June.

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