The University of Cambridge’s president has woken up in the depths of the dust to the hotline of “micro-aggression” – De Daily Standaard

The University of Cambridge's president has woken up in the depths of the dust to the hotline of "micro-aggression" - De Daily Standaard

The brilliant rector of the esteemed University of Cambridge once deepened into the depths of the dust. He had a website that could anonymously report “micro-attacks”. It turns out that this silly awakening nonsense hasn’t caught up with the students, who are still seriously questioning the president’s performance. De Volkskrant reported this.

Microscopic aggression is the most disturbing and lofty concept in which the “wake up” movement has appeared to date. Calling a woman “a girl” is subtle aggression. Defamation of a transgender person (or someone who declares not bisexual) as well. ‘Where are you from?’ It is indeed a subtle aggression. Even sighing when someone talks about racism is really minor aggression. So, it is basically anything that can trigger (artificially) sensitivity in opportunistic left patterns.

This funny concept, combined with the rector’s click-through culture, creates a really stifling atmosphere. One the rector actively encouraged him on his own, because he wanted a “safe climate” (“a safe space”, red.) For non-white members.

This makes it a biblical example (Pun intended) To frantic left-wing identity politics. “Non-white” students are seen as vulnerable and needy themselves. They need someone like him to get them out of that “dangerous white” university. It is no longer paternalistic.

Worst of all, compatibility with the concept of subtle aggression means that every painful feeling and every tear is legitimized instantly. As if you had the right not to be harmed. Types like this Rector cultivate a vulnerable and needy generation. It’s great to see students and a lobby group called Free Speech Federation They put an end to this, but it is a pity that it is absolutely necessary.

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