The United States provides Ukraine with 100 “Kamikazdrones” | Currently

The United States provides Ukraine with 100 "Kamikazdrones" |  Currently

Insiders say the United States is supplying Ukraine with 100 “Kamiksedrons” New York times and other media. Portable and easy to use weapons are especially needed. So-called Switchblade drones, which explode when a target is hit, meet these conditions.

US President Joe Biden pledged to the Ukrainian government on Wednesday $800 million (about 725 million euros) in military aid. More recently, US$200 million in aid has already been made available.

A source at the Ministry of Defense said that pressure is great to deliver weapons to Ukraine as soon as possible New York times

Image accompanies the article for clarification: This is not a Switchblade drone.

The Switchblade drones have been developed for US commando forces and have a “direct impact on the battlefield”. The drones can be controlled from a distance of several kilometers and can carry out precise attacks on Russian forces.

The United States also promised Ukraine on Wednesday 800 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, 9,000 anti-tank weapons and an array of small arms, machine guns and grenade launchers.

Zelensky ordered anti-aircraft systems with greater range

After the bombing of the Polish border last weekend, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked to send in anti-aircraft defense systems with a longer range. The Biden administration is examining the possibility of her extradition.

In recent weeks, Ukraine has received, among other things, US communications and jamming equipment to prevent Russian forces from communicating with each other.

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