The UK is the best in the world in fighting cybersecurity

The UK is the best in the world in fighting cybersecurity

The UK is the best in the world in fighting cybercrime. The United States has completely lagged behind in this regard, in part due to obstacles in the legislation. This says VVD MEP Bart Groothuis at BNR De Wereld. The executive branch is not permitted to interfere with the legislative branch of the United States. And now the UK is “second to none”.

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Conservative British politician George Osborne once said in a speech that the European Union is teeming with organizations that are doing something with the internet. The greater the number of these organizations, the less effective they are, says Growthuis. This is why the British focus everything at the National Cyber ​​Security Center. “From unclassified to top secret, NCSC regulates this centrally and that’s simply a very good model.”

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The British have a long history in the field of security, including in the field of cybercrime. They want to portray themselves as the best spy device in the world. Thought leadership is part of this, and they see it as their mission. Now that the British are gone, we have to stand on our two feet in the European Union. Europe will get a big boost, as well in the legislation I’m writing here. Every country does espionage, and the question is how to use piracy.

More aggressive

Grothes says the problems begin with crossing international legal boundaries for political influence and sabotage. “Israel and Iran are already attacking each other’s water installations and trying to take a new step by sabotaging.” This is really a trend. In order to stay somewhat armed against cybercrime, it is important to take a close look at the hackers who do this. “We have to be more aggressive about that.”

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Since 2010, Brussels has made sure to make cybersecurity a chef. The perception must finally be penetrated through new legislation that it should not be a single action IT – nerd At the back of the organization. You’ll also bear yourself now and there will be fines if you don’t do it right. We will also lay out cybersecurity requirements in networks. There must be a legal basis for information exchange between companies and governments.

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