The UK and France have agreed to reduce the number of migrants crossing the Channel

The UK and France have agreed to reduce the number of migrants crossing the Channel

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The UK and France have reached an agreement to reduce the number of asylum seekers crossing the Channel to England. The deal was negotiated months ago.

The two countries agreed, among other things, that the UK would pay more to France. Next year, France will receive 72 million euros. In turn, France is deploying more police officers to patrol beaches and stop boats carrying migrants. By the middle of next year, the number of agents was supposed to increase from 200 to 300.

Exchange of information

It was also agreed that British officers would also be stationed in control rooms in France for the first time and, conversely, that French officers would be allowed to monitor from the British side. This would improve coordination and information exchange between the two countries.

Countries are also investing in port security, for example using drones, dog detection teams and security cameras. The deal also includes additional funds for migrant reception centers in France.

Both countries were involved in the negotiations that eventually led to this agreement for some time. For years, immigrants tried to cross into England from the French coast near Calais, often on small, cramped boats. This is not without danger, and accidents happen regularly, sometimes with serious consequences.

However, the number of immigrants crossing the Channel from France to England was increasing. So far this year there were 40,000 people, which is more than last year. Then 28,526 people crossed.

“It is in the interests of both the UK and France to work together to resolve this complex issue,” said Home Secretary Braverman. “There is no quick fix, but with this deal we can ensure that the number of French customers on the coast increases significantly and that France and the UK are working together to stop people smugglers.”

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