The top 3 villains we want to see in Wonder Woman 3

The top 3 villains we want to see in Wonder Woman 3

With Wonder Woman 84 coming out in the US and officially announcing a third movie, it’s nice to take a look at the villains Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince can play in this movie. We have already made a list of 3 of the best candidates.


Circe is a powerful witch. Her character is based on the witch of the same name from Greek mythology. In the comics she actually appeared in several stories to make Wonder Woman very challenging. And although its origin story has been modified many times, in most versions it is immortal, unprecedentedly beautiful and possesses special magical powers. For example, Circe could turn people into animals (and that would be a great bridge with 84). For many DC fans, this super villain is the third movie’s favorite.


Giganta is a villain who has the ability to increase her physical height and mass, which allows her to transform into a giant. In comic books, this character first appeared in 1944 and still regularly competes with the title’s beloved heroine.

Fans often mention Giganta on their list of villains they want to see in the DC Extended Universe. In any case, its powers have the ability to deliver visually interesting battle scenes. Nice choice.

Veronica Cal

If director Patty Jenkins decides to use Ceres in her third Wonderful womanThe movie, the addition of popular character Veronica Cale, whose storyboard is closely related to that of Serce, will be an open door.

Cale is a very bright businesswoman that comic readers often compare to Superman’s enemy Lex Luther. In the comics, Cale made a deal with Circe to avenge the gods Demos and Phobos, who stole her daughter’s soul. This story could be quite teary on the silver screen.

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