The Terneuzen woman may be extradited to the United States

The Terneuzen woman may be extradited to the United States

The woman tried to prevent delivery briefly, but lost. The woman believes that extradition is a violation of human rights, because she had to wait so long for a decision to be made.

Her six children will also be affected by the handover. But the primary relief judge disagrees, as the American justice wife is allowed to serve a possible sentence in the Netherlands.

The work went on for years

The case has a long wind. The woman was born in Somalia and has lived with her husband in the Netherlands since 1999. In 2014, the United States submitted an extradition request. In 2015, the extradition request was handled by the court in Rotterdam. This “extradition judge” concluded that more documents were needed to answer the question regarding extradition. The US authorities provided additional information at the end of 2017. The issue of extradition was dealt with again in January of last year, after which it was decided to extradite the woman. The minister made this decision.

A woman and her children may communicate by phone and in writing. “

Interim Judge The Hague

The woman made a final attempt to prevent the summary surrender. Her defense was denied that it took too long. The primary compensation judge believes that the delay “must be attributable in particular to the remedies instituted by the plaintiff in it”.

‘Family life’

The Somali woman again argued during the hearing that extradition would violate the “family life” of her and her children. The judge found that “it can be assumed that the children will not benefit from the delivery of their mother, that the surrender will (temporarily) separate the children from their mother and that direct contact may not be possible for a while.”

However, it is not crucial not to initiate extradition. The judge writes that a woman can have phone and written contact with her children during the time she was stuck in the United States. According to the court, the crimes that the United States wants to prosecute the woman because of “serious facts, which in the opinion of the extradition judge also justify extradition,” according to the verdict.

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