The tastiest 13 winter sports French dishes

The tastiest 13 winter sports French dishes

Good food and France go hand in hand. This means that if you don’t order crazy dishes like Andouillette … it is not without reason that the country is the basis of many other world cuisines. Many of the greats gained their knowledge here. So it is not surprising that you can enjoy the finest French winter sports dishes during one of the winter sports in France!

French is not the easiest language. Much beyond “Bonjour!” I don’t bring myself, for example, “Je m’apelle Florien” and “Je voudrais un pain au chocolat”. Fortunately, most listings now also have English subtitles. But if this is not the case and for everyone who goes skiing in France for the first time, we have listed the tastiest French winter sports dishes for you in this article.

The most delicious French winter sports dishes

French cheeses, cool pies, the world’s most delicious baguettes, good wines, etc … during winter sports in France, you can enjoy it all. In general, it is best to avoid large “eating pens”. Choose comfortable and original cottages. There you will find the most delicious French winter sports dishes!

1. Rice steak

Strictly on one course a rice steak. The absolute highlight on this list is of the tastiest French winter sports dishes. Especially when served with fresh french fries and fresh salad. The perfect lunch or evening meal!

The most delicious French winter sports dish: Steak Tartare

2. Croke Monsieur / Croque Madame

At home you eat a grilled cheese sandwich, and in winter sports in France you eat Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame. Both have a sandwich-like toast and are shaped like this: a slice of white bread with a sauce of bechamel, cheese and ham, on top of it a similar slice of white bread with a sauce of bechamel, cheese and ham which is placed in the oven. And no, Croque Monsieur isn’t just for men and Croque Madame isn’t for women either. The difference is in the fried eggs on top of the madamas.

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3. Tartiflette

One of the most popular French winter sports dishes is tartifleet. Heaven for cheese lovers. Tartiflette is an oven dish with chips, bacon, cream, onions, white wine and Reblochon cheese. A very filling and strong meal. Perfect to regain your strength.


4. Hamburger with French fries

The hamburger isn’t really French, but it’s the mix of French fries that makes this dish definitely deserves a place on this list of French winter sports delicacies. You can also order it in most mountain huts. Lots of reasons.

5. Cheese, cheese and more cheese

France is a cheese country par excellence. Each region has its own variety and some have received an official quality mark. In most French mountain huts you can order a selection of French cheeses. As a starter, to finish the meal, for lunch or with a drink on the balcony. French cheese always has a taste!

The most delicious French winter sports dish with French cheese

6. Croissant in chocolate pain

In France, a dinner party really begins with breakfast. Where you settle for a cup of yogurt at home, in France you can enjoy the most delicious croissants and chocolate in the world. Day after day, all days of the winter sports week.

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7. Cheese crust

Bread with garlic, ham, cheese, white wine from the oven and often a fried egg on top. This is the best description of Croûte au Fromage. A traditional French mountain dish that absolutely belongs on this list of the most delicious French winter sports dishes. A nutritious meal, and then you should relax!

French dishes for winter sports

8. French onion soup

Austrians have goulash and Italian onion soup. Ideal on a cold day with a lot of snow. This real French onion soup is filling and has a delicious and delicious taste. Baguette or gratin with cheese completes this delicious French dish for winter sports!

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9. Cheese fondue

Although cheese fondue has its origins in Switzerland, this dish is also on many French menus. And if it is, then you can do nothing but ask. Is there better than dipping a baguette into a block of cheese?

Cheese shake

10. Creme Brulee

Is there a better dessert than Creme Brulee? Not as far as we are concerned. So it is definitely the first dessert we order during a winter sport in France. The mix of creamy vanilla custard with a crunchy sugar coating is simply gorgeous.

11. American

Did you look deep in the glass during an evening of partying at La Folie Douce, 360 Bar, or La Grotte Du Yeti? Then go to Américain Hangover Resort (also called Mitraillette). Half a baguette with hamburger, french fries, cheese and various sauces, among other things.

12. Hot goat salad

Also in winter sports, you sometimes feel like you like some green food. A well-stocked salad is more than welcome. Especially when combined with warm goat cheese. Because yes, in a cheese country like France, it’s normal to also eat your cheese salad.

13. Berry pie

Tarte au Myrtilles is the French name for a delicious blueberry pie with a crunchy crust and a layer of pastry cream. Definitely a good end to this list with the tastiest French winter sports dishes and a delicious snack during the coffee break around 10:30 am. Tarte au Myrtilles hails from the mountainous regions of France. Here blueberries grow mostly in the wild. You can also order this cake at Vosges, but it’s often also on the menu as Tarte aux Brimbelles.

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