The Swiss coach publishes a letter of apology in a Swiss newspaper

The Swiss coach publishes a letter of apology in a Swiss newspaper

Switzerland national coach Vladimir Petkovic presented in an open letter in the newspaper on Saturday Switzerland at the weekend I apologize for the poor result last Wednesday against Italy (3-0 defeat). The Alpine country previously drew with Wales (1-1), which means they will have to beat Turkey on Sunday night to survive in the group stage. The Swiss team received heavy criticism from the fans for the match shown and the behavior of the key players.

Petkovic lists his team’s good intentions in the letter to all Swiss. “We wanted to give you an enchanting evening, one that would make you proud of us and Switzerland. After everything we had to put up with during the pandemic, we wanted to make you happy with the victory over Italy.” He went on to say that Switzerland may have been very well prepared, but in the end there was nothing left but disappointment: “And we are sorry for that.”

Before the duel with Turkey, Petkovic promises to improve and asks for support. “We don’t always do everything you expect of us,” he points out, among other things, to the criticism of Captain Granit Chaca, who has flown a hairstylist to Rome to bleach his hair. But we are trying to meet your demands. That’s why we need all your support in the lead up to this crucial match. Your solidarity and positivity. We will do everything we can to be proud together on Sunday evening.”

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