The Suzuki Mighty Boy 440 HP V8 isn’t your typical Kei

The Suzuki Mighty Boy 440 HP V8 isn't your typical Kei

You may not have heard of a car called the Suzuki Great Boy. The 600 mm (about two feet) “help car” had a bed too small to carry anything, but it turned out to be a copy of the Suzuki Cervo. Cervo and Mighty Boy were both introduced in the ’80s and they fit right in to me Car class in Japan.

Why haven’t you heard of this car before? Well, that’s because it was only sold in Japan and two export markets, Australia and Cyprus. According to reports, only less than 3,000 units were imported outside the Land of the Rising Sun, but between 300 and 400 units are still in existence today.

However, one of them is the one you see in the featured video above. Based in Australia and visiting Powercruise Perth in 2021, this isn’t another Mighty Boy unit still around.

under the cover of this to me The car is powered by a 6.0 liter V8 petrol engine. This small car runs on E85 fuel and produces 440 horsepower (324 kW) at the rear wheels, which is sent via a T400 gearbox. Now the Mighty Boy weighs around 1,212 pounds (550 kilograms), which means it’s as light as the heaviest production bikes out there.

Notably, the original Suzuki Mighty Boy was powered by a 543cc SOHC transverse three-cylinder engine, with the most powerful version producing 31 horsepower (23 kW) and 32 pound-feet (Nm) of torque. However, the example you see here has 11 times the offset as before. freak.

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For a car this size and weight, we don’t need to tell you how sick this design is — and how hard it is to gently manage danger, as shown in the included four-minute feature above.

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