The suspect in the Australian Cleo kidnapping case acted alone abroad

The suspect in the Australian Cleo kidnapping case acted alone abroad

Toddler Cleo was found in the bedroom of a house on Wednesday after an extensive search. Australia has been under the influence of searching for the girl for weeks. That disappeared from a tent 19 days ago while camping overnight.

Detective Rod Wilde, who led the investigation into the disappearance, told reporters Thursday that the suspect had been taken to hospital due to injuries sustained after his arrest. According to a British newspaper the sun The man was taken to the hospital two more times. The man allegedly injured himself. The man is currently being questioned by the police, and it is not yet clear what exactly the charges are against him.

Cleo was also taken to the hospital for an examination, but it was found that she had not sustained any physical injuries from her kidnapping. Then she was allowed to go home with her parents where the inspector visited her. He tells local media about the visit: “She was playing in the garden: she was excited, she laughed. She was eating ice cream and came to tell me that everything was stuck: it was great. ” “Our family is healthy again,” Cleo’s mother, Ellie, wrote on Instagram.

A police investigation eventually led to a house in the town of Carnarvon, just minutes from where Cleo and her family live. In a short police video, it can already be seen that the girl is being carried away in the arms of a police officer. “We will take you to your mother and father. Another police officer asked Cleo, who nodded.

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Australian police have released footage of 4-year-old Cleo being rescued.

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