The statement is over and he won’t be getting the fourth season of NBC

Manifest seizoen 4

Unexpected and sad news for fans of the series Shows. After three seasons, TV company NBC decided to pull the plug on the series and so on There is no fourth season of a successful show. Fans and creators are very disappointed.

What is the statement’s story?

Montego Air Flight 828 has landed safely after a turbulent but routine flight, leaving the crew and passengers at ease. But within those few hours, the scientist was five years old. They lost their friends, family and colleagues, grieving their loss of hope and continuing to move on. Now the occupants are facing the impossible and they are all given a second chance. But as their new truths emerge, a deeper mystery unfolds and some returning passengers soon realize they are destined for something greater than they thought possible.

title: Shows
Year: 2018
Good heart: Series
IMDb: 7.2 out of 24,000 votes
expensive: 3 seasons
network: NBC
spit: Melissa Roxburgh, Parvin Kaur, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, Luna Blaise
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Will there be a Manifest Season 4 or will Part 3 be the last of the series?

In an article in diverse It is unfortunately to read that series strikes الضرب Shows You won’t get Season 4 of NBC. The timing of the news is astounding, as Season 1 and 2 of Manifest has been put online on Netflix in the US and is immediately number one in the top 10 most watched movies and series. The sources say diverse It is hoped that another company will acquire the series, which could prevent any potential revival.

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Content creator and showrunner Jeff Rick reported on Twitter: “I am shocked by NBC’s decision to shut us down. Being cut in the middle is a slap in the face to say the least. I hope we find a new home. You, the fans, deserve your story ending. Thank you for the love you showed me, the cast and crew. #savemanifest”

Turns out, the hashtag Rake is a hit, because fans are popping up all over Twitter under the banner # mandarin I hope the streaming service or any other TV company can still enjoy a new season of Shows will want to produce.

When and where can you watch Manifest in Belgium?

In Belgium, no streaming service has yet been able to obtain the rights to the Manifest series, which means that the series cannot be watched on Belgian video streaming on demand platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video. However, you can actually watch Manifest Season 3 from Belgium with a very easy trick: a good VPN.

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Read here an explanation and tips on using a VPN. In short, it works very simply: a VPN is an anonymous Internet connection that ensures your privacy is guaranteed. This allows you to set the location signal your device sends. Are you setting up your VPN for the United States? Then the website thinks you are in the US and you can just look at the statement as a result. It works like this in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to Surfshark (or another provider) and get a good VPN for only €2 per month
  2. Set your location via the app to the United States
  3. Head straight to NBC’s Manifesto and start watching! 🍿

→ The manifesto cannot be seen again on TV, but fortunately you can watch all episodes of the series Here Find it or you can find it Order

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