The spacesuit from TUA looks like an interstellar outfit

The spacesuit from TUA looks like an interstellar outfit

After a long silence after its establishment in Turkey on December 13, 2018, describing the space program of the National Space Agency, on this occasion many new targets were announced to the public by visual means. There are similarities between the spacesuit in the above photos and the interstellar clothing, which is a cult of the science fiction genre.

Turkey’s national space targets, may have been announced clearly the first time. February 9, 2021 in the context of events organized by the national space program and announced the dispatch of a spacecraft to the Moon and the people of Turkey; The agency’s goals for creating the infrastructure systems have been identified with the space technology development area to be established within METU. All of these targets belong to the space agency From the official Twitter account Confirmed with submissions.

In these posts, a character in a spacesuit also appeared, representing the first Turk to go into space. No statement has been made within the national space program about the dress designed for the number in question. At the moment, it is not certain what outfit the person or persons planned to be sent to space will wear. Our only reference It is the illustration in the visualization.

The space suit of the Turkish Space Agency in visual clothing and “Interstellar” in the film as follows:

It was left in a picture from the movie Interstellar, and it’s right on the illustration of the Turkish Space Agency. Especially the helmet area It is easily understood when looking at the details which have been largely designed with reference to the film. On the other hand, while the color of the bag ties in the illustration is red, we see that the costume in the movie is shown in white.

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Of course, some details not in the movie were added to the illustration. For example, the bags in the movie, the person wearing the costume Built in back and waist area It was this way. However, the bag in TUA graphics is very similar to the bags used by astronauts and astronauts today.

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Searching for a suitable name for “astronaut” and “astronaut” for the first Turkish to go to space: Here are the suggestions from social media

We can see a lot of references in the science fiction vision that guides these studies in space studies as well:

2001 space adventure

We often encounter references between works in the world of science fiction. For example, it was released in 1968 2001: A Space Adventure We can see that his movie is a nod to almost all of the modern science fiction movies. Among them is Interstellar, which was released in 2014. Even the director of Interstellar Christopher NolanHe did a special showing of the 1968, 2001 restored version and clearly stated that he was inspired by 2001 for his own movie.

We must leave aside the references in the world of cinema and look at the scientific side of the work. Today most astronomers and engineers are working on developing space technologies. Thanks to their science fiction works. While producing in the scientific field, there are previous studies behind it, and it defines new horizons based on the results of these studies. Today Missiles developed by SpaceX Everyone working in the field knows its design and technical details, if another company wants to develop its own technology, they can take SpaceX as an example.

Just like in science fiction cinema or science studies, when defining a vision about space technologies, there is actually no affiliation or ownership of a subject. Therefore, Turkey space to design a cult movie reference agency, in essence to please and The limits are raised in the visibility of space Details show.

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