The senators announced a new base logo, and will unveil a new uniform upon draft

Senators unveiled Ottawa unveiled a new logo for the upcoming 2020-21 season and say a new home and outdoor outfit will be introduced in the NHL Project on October 6.

“It is time for senators to return to our roots,” Senate owner Eugene Melnik said in a statement. “Fans of this great franchise have high expectations. We have heard from our fans, partners and players, and we have listened. It is time to return to our heritage, but in a bold and fresh way. Senators have a rich history in our society, and we are ready to start the next chapter.”

The new logo is a modified version of the original two-dimensional flat logo the company used when it joined the NHL in 1992. The original Roman soldier returns in a sidecar, but the golden trim replaces the red on the soldier’s robe. The black “O” also returns as a background behind the soldier.

This logo replaces the Roman Soldier emblem that the club has used since the 2007-08 season and the team says it will not use a secondary emblem next season.

“A logo is an important part of any team’s identity, but it’s not the only part,” Senate Chief Commercial Operations Officer Anthony LeBlanc said in a statement. “The way this slogan will be incorporated into our updated uniforms is a sign of a winner. It is time to start our new chapter of hockey distinction. A chapter that will make Sens fans in the metropolitan area proud.”

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