The Security Council met again today regarding the unrest in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

The Security Council met again today regarding the unrest in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

The United Nations Security Council meets again today in New York, amid tensions in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The council, which consists of 15 countries, also spoke of the confrontations on Monday.

According to diplomats, China, Tunisia, Norway, France, Estonia, Ireland, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines, Niger and Vietnam have requested consultations this morning, local time. The United Nations Commissioner for the Middle East Wynesland should inform members at the meeting of the situation.

On Monday, the council did not issue a joint statement on the tensions. Consensus is required for a response from the Security Council, but according to the Reuters news agency, the United States does not want to do so at the moment.


A source told the news agency that the United States was behind the scenes about the ceasefire. Accordingly, any statement from the Security Council may be counterproductive now, according to an American insider.

The Ministry of Health said that the clashes in the area resulted in the killing of 32 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip during the past two days, including ten children. More than 200 people were injured.

Three people were killed in Israel as a result of the rocket attacks. It concerns two women in the coastal city of Ashkelon and a 50-year-old woman in Tel Aviv.

Weeks of stress

Conflict erupted in the region after weeks of tensions in Jerusalem. Hundreds were injured in clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians.

The clashes arose first due to restrictions imposed on the freedom of Palestinians during the month of Ramadan in the Old City, and then around the proposed eviction of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem.

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The day before yesterday, tensions escalated into armed action between Israel and Hamas. Hamas fired rockets at Jerusalem for the first time since 2014, and Israel bombed Gaza with air strikes.

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