The RTX 3090 fan with cooling has been discontinued

The RTX 3090 fan with cooling has been discontinued

The RTX 3090 fan pattern card was abruptly discontinued by a number of manufacturers like the one found by Videocardz, so it can be tough to get one – and that’s before we even consider it a sharing issue of seeing all current GPUs.

Although Nvidia no longer uses blow coolers for the Founders Edition models after the GTX 10 series, Nvidia can still be found in an aftermarket variant of one of its models. The best graphics card. They have less cooling capacity compared to air-cooled cards, which puts you at a disadvantage when learning how to overclock your GPU. This seems like an odd choice for a performance-hungry card like the 3090.

But if you’re juggling the build in the best PC case for a compact ITX setup, the lack of airflow in the case means a fan-style GPU might be a better option here. Fortunately the other fan amp card appears not installed, only the 3090 has been hit, but what is the reason for this sudden drop?

There is no official statement from AIB or Nvidia yet, but it is possible that this cooling solution is exclusive to Nvidia’s dedicated CMP cards for mining where a blow card makes more sense in heavy-duty mining equipment.

If this theory is correct and correct sound The only plausible explanation is a little disappointment. Last month, Nvidia claimed in a blog post that the new mining card would not affect GeForce GPU availability to gamers, but the message says otherwise.

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