The result: Trust in Rutte lost | what do you say

The result: Trust in Rutte lost |  what do you say

Nearly half believe new elections should be held. Last Friday, outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte said at the start of the already historic parliamentary debate over the failed poll that he would have spoken to the press “in good conscience.” The process was halted earlier, after a note from the scout duo Olongren and Goritsma, in which the name of CDA MP Peter Umtzigt was mentioned. Rutte told NOS that he never mentioned Omtzigt’s name, but when interview reports surfaced, it turned out the opposite. During the debate called to question, Rota swore once again that he never lied.

“Random dementia” is what one theory calls the prime minister’s sudden forgetfulness. After all, this isn’t the first time that Rottie says he doesn’t remember the events or the statements that were made. More than half of the respondents (55%) in the proposal indicated that they no longer trust Rutte, following the cumulative development of the so-called “portal of disclosure”. One of them says, “The pattern of forgetfulness is an insult to the voters.” “And definitely from people who have been deceived by the benefits issue.”

More than half of respondents (54%) are completely clear about this: let’s let Rutte make way for a new PM. Nearly the other half (48%) support new elections. We need transparency. Someone says, “A new start will be more equitable.”

However, not everyone is keen on taking a new survey. Many respondents argue that it is stressful and time consuming. We don’t have time, because the country has to go through a crisis. It was the elections, the voter spoke. Stop all plots and get to work: There is enough to do. ”Another says:“ Two million people voted for Rutte. Should these people be left in the cold? “

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About 45% of the incumbent believe the VVD should first take matters into their own hands by introducing a new leader. The party came out as the largest after all. Let them choose a new leader themselves, to restore confidence. If that does not work, elections are an option. “

The Easter days that follow the parliamentary debate should be a period of “reflection”. It turned out to be short-lived. Christian Union leader Geert Jan Segers announced on Saturday that he would not intervene in a new government with Rota as prime minister. Several prominent VVD members described his statements as “not very charming.” Others praised Segers for showing its colors. Participants appear to be divided, too. “Very gritty than Segers. Someone says it gives VVD a taste of its own medicine. But not everyone thinks he played it smart. “He should have backed Wilders’ motion of no-confidence immediately, rather than making a fuss after that.”

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