The result of today’s statement: A majority would like to allow sports at work. “Yes, we can all join the Olga Commandeur for fifteen minutes!”

The result of today's statement: A majority would like to allow sports at work.  "Yes, we can all join the Olga Commandeur for fifteen minutes!"

Olga Commandeur, Duco Bauwen and a number of regular participants in the morning gymnastics/sports program “Nederland in Beweging” on MAX Radio. Photo: ANP

57 percent of respondents agree with today’s statement: Sports and physical activity should be allowed during working hours. “But it’s also the employee’s own choice.”

The outgoing government is doing very little to get the Dutch to exercise more, says the Dutch Sports Council in a letter to Mariette Hammer. According to the Sports Council, the sports supply in neighborhoods should be improved and sports and exercise should be allowed during working hours.

According to the majority of voters, this is a great idea. “Yes, all together or in engagement shifts for fifteen minutes with Olga Commandeur!” , says someone who can see it all. “On lunch break, eat for 15 minutes, walk for half an hour, back and forth to work with a subsidized bike or e-bike. Occupational therapist and physical therapist in workplaces as standard. Encourage students to encourage people to sit actively. Remove lifts. Use rope along the stairs so that people of less movement cannot get up, and there are places for showers so that cyclists can change their clothes, etc.”

come home later

Others think it’s a good idea, but it’s hard to do in business hours. Someone says, “The choice of the employee should be the same.” “A little longer lunch break also means coming home later. Of course you can also exercise after working hours. But the employer benefits from a decent and healthy staff, so why not make sports contributions or sign up for a gym?”

The 43 percent who disagree had other priorities. One says: “The Dutch Sports Council is another interest group that wants to achieve its goals at the expense of others.” “As a business owner, I can only say that I am happy to bid farewell to such unmotivated employees of the past.”

Another person says, “We have enough free time, right?” “I’d rather stop working sooner.”

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