The Quick Test becomes mandatory for travelers from UK and South Africa

The Quick Test becomes mandatory for travelers from UK and South Africa

This informs the Ministry of Infrastructure. The measure aims to prevent the spread of new variants of the Coronavirus in the Netherlands.

The quick test can be taken at the airport or at the ferry terminal.

It also applies to crew members

The obligation also applies to truck drivers, ferry crews, and aircraft.

A ministry spokesman said, “The procedure will take effect very soon.” We are working with France and Belgium. “

So a negative PCR test remains mandatory as well. Its lifespan can be up to 72 hours.

Around 16 daily flights land from the UK every day. At this point, travelers must show a negative PCR test.

After landing, it is “ urgently ” advised to go into quarantine for ten days, although the question is how many passengers actually do so.

One test is not weatherproof

So far an additional (express) test has been added. In the House of Representatives, additional testing has also been requested. “Whether you are traveling by plane, boat, car or train, employers of drivers should make sure that they arrange this for their employees. The cabinet should make sure that there are test streets in Schiphol and on the docks, for example,” says Lillian. Plumen from PvdA.

Member of Parliament Jean Paterneau (D66) indicated that the mandatory test in the country of departure, 72 hours before, is not waterproof. “You can easily catch the virus after that.”

Additional check

Plus, it may have been tested too soon. If you are still in the incubation period, you may get a falsely negative result and then still spread the virus.

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Officer D66 also suggested using Test Street in Schiphol for the second halo test. It is rarely used now. “I can also take a second test just before boarding the plane. It concerns an additional examination,” Paternott said.

Some parties prefer to see travel from the UK completely restricted.

GroenLinks’ Susan Krueger prefers to see that no planes carrying UK passengers ever land in the Netherlands, with a few exceptions. “It’s a matter of delay in time. At the moment, a very small percentage of people are still infected with the new variant. It is best to try to keep this as small as possible. And vaccinate as much as possible in the meantime.”

PvdA wants to make a quarantine commitment.

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