The Queen of Vaccinations: ‘Think of others’ | Abroad

The Queen of Vaccinations: 'Think of others' |  Abroad

Aged 94 Queen He acknowledged, “It can be very difficult for people if they are never vaccinated. But they should think of others rather than themselves.” The injection itselfCompletely harmless“It was very fast and I also received many messages from people who were surprised at how easy it was to get vaccinated. And the injection didn’t hurt at all,” Elizabeth said.

Vaccination also gives peace of mind, according to the British Queen: “Once you get vaccinated, you feel this: I am protected. I think this is very important.”


The British Queen was particularly impressed by the scale of the epidemic: “It’s a bit like a plague, isn’t it? Because we’re not just dealing with the virus here, it’s everywhere. It’s a wonderful battle we are fighting.” Elizabeth compared that battle, and especially the vaccination program, to World War II: “I went through the war and everyone seems to be on the same page.”

The fight is going well in the UK, where millions of Britons have already been vaccinated. The Queen Especially impressed: “I find it great how quickly all of this can be accomplished and the number of people who have already been vaccinated.” This was mainly due to her conversation partners, so they received a compliment: „Keep up the good work!

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