The Public Prosecution is investigating a team of experts at Tata Steel | internal

The Public Prosecution is investigating a team of experts at Tata Steel |  internal

The Department of Human Environment, Transport, Inspection and Environmental Services inspected the site of the Tata Steel steel plant in IJmuiden on Tuesday. The investigation is being led by the Public Prosecution Service (OM). The parties wish to have more insight into the steel production process and the operation of the coke and gas plants.

During the ongoing examination and investigation, the research team is examining whether Tata Steel IJmuiden BV has deliberately and illegally introduced harmful substances into the soil, air or surface water. These substances can be harmful to health.

The same investigation team looks into the production processes and operation of some of the plants within Tata Steel’s design.

The so-called inspection relates to the criminal investigation into Tata Steel that began at the beginning of February. More than 1,100 people and organizations have filed a complaint against the steel company. The investigation is currently in full swing.

According to lawyer Benedict Vick, who made the announcement, Tata Steel is endangering the health of local residents. Whether or not he will actually be prosecuted will be determined on the basis of the investigation currently under way.

Tata Steel said in a short response that it would “cooperate fully with the investigation”.

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