The player finds out that a $ 500,000 video game set was thrown by my mom

The player finds out that a $ 500,000 video game set was thrown by my mom

A toy store employee discovers that his mom has produced a valuable batch of video games.

There is probably nothing worse than threatening your mom or dad to pull out a gaming console if you don’t do your homework or do chores around the house. If you are lucky, the threats are usually empty but what if you can come home and discover that your mom has already thrown all your video games in the trash? Not only that, but a really expensive video game set. This is exactly what happened to a New Yorker who discovered that his mother had completely stopped his collection, worth about half a million dollars, in the trash.

An employee of J&L Game, a popular New York City video game store, used to keep the huge and expensive video game collection in store at his parents’ house and thought they were all in a safe place further away. Unfortunately, after a few years, he finds out that his mom decided to expel them all. “People are going to die. I just found out my mother a few years ago there are all my PS1 games. 500+ semi closed games. I’m going to kill someone,” the employee said in a Twitter post jokingly. The tweet Deleted, it might be related to his jokes about killing someone, but he was clearly upset at the time and probably wondering what the business owner would say.

According to the frustrated man, “More than 500,000 dollars worth of games“ have been neglected since the last time they signed up for the group. ”I left my old stuff in storage (my mom’s house).” Today I found out she got rid of Ataris, Coleco, Intelli, Famicom, S Famicom, TGfx, PCE, NG AES, MegaDrive, Master System, every system and game I didn’t bring with me. ”To make matters worse, his mom also got rid of my Marshall sets, 14 pedals, Drum Kit, board, And all of his skateboards, not to mention his entire comic book collection.

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He doesn’t go into why his mom decided to go clean and dispose of all his stuff, but I think the lesson here is to either put valuables in storage or maybe explain to your parents the cost of your collection? I’m pretty sure if his mom knew, she would have thought twice about getting rid of it all. The original NeoGeo console deserves so much as it gets.

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