The Patriots Training Squad and Wire Tracker Waiver: News, Rumors, and Signatures

The Patriots Training Squad and Wire Tracker Waiver: News, Rumors, and Signatures

The New England Patriots’ initial roster of 53 players is set for the 2020 season, and the team will now begin building their first coaching team.

As of 12 p.m. Sunday ET, the claim deadline has passed for players who have fewer than four seasons due on their résumés. Players who have been abandoned for the last two days are now subject to the waiver wire – including 21 ex-Patriots now. All of them, in theory, could be recruited by other clubs (last year, for example, New England lost four of its players who were previously released through concessions). For more information on the waiver wire, please click here.

Beginning at 1 p.m. EST Sunday, Patriots can also begin adding up to 16 pre-released players to their coaching team as a scout team for the regular season and as depth in case of injury. Due to new coaching squad rules that allow teams to bring back up to six players regardless of their experience, all 24 players released on Saturday are now potential candidates to be added again. To know more about the training team, please click here.

In order to stay on top of all the moves New England will make over the next few hours, please make sure to bookmark and revisit the modern tracker below regularly.

CB Miles Bryant

T Jake Burt

LP Therese Hall

LB Cassh Maluia

DT Bell Murray

Justin Rohrwasser

CB Dangelo Ross

DT Nick Thurman

The Patriots did not claim any outside players.

No Patriot missiles were claimed to exist.

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September 6

  • Jeff Thomas, the widespread entry-level recipient, is not expected to be returning to the New England coaching squad at the moment. The youngster missed some time in the training camp and was generally quiet even on the field. (Via Geoff Howe)
  • Defensive Intervention Nick Thurman spent the 2019 season in the Patriots’ coaching squad but failed to take the necessary steps during his second training camp with the club remaining on the active roster. However, he is expected to return to the coaching team. (Via Andrew Callaghan)
  • Tight end Jake Burt A Patriots fan grew up and later found his way into the team via Boston College. He was released on Saturday, but the notorious rookie in the coaching squad is expected to remain. (Via Ben Folin)
  • Kicker Justin Rohrwasser is released after an inconsistent performance in boot camp, but it appears the Patriots have yet to give up their investment in Round Five: the rookie is expected to return via Coaching Team (Via Mark Daniels)
  • Midfielder Therese Hall spent his entire rising season on the Patriots coaching team, but his experience with defense and some strong plays in training camp were not enough to make the team up. However, he is expected to return via the coaching team. (Via Evan Lazar)
  • The defensive intervention did not save him by popular name Bill Murray from his release on Saturday, but he is now expected to return through the New England coaching team. The uncut novice offers depth behind Lawrence Jay, Adam Butler, and Byron Cowart – especially if Beau Allen has been put in a wounded reserve for a short time. (Via Geoff Howe)
  • Unpolished rising back De’Jon Harris is not expected to return to the New England coaching team despite not being claimed. (Via Geoff Howe)
  • After a year spent in injured reserve, D’Angelo Ross has had some positive moments during training camp. Given the depth of the team at full-back, he faced uphill to form the list of 53 players. He is expected to return through the coaching team. (Via Mark Daniels)
  • Miles Bryant was one of the most interesting crazy novice agents at the Patriots boot camp this year. The Washington product is still being released but has been given through concessions to return via the Training Squad. (Via Geoff Howe)
  • Rising full-back Cassh Maluia showed some upside as a downhill defender and in coverage, but failed to form the team. However, he is expected to return via the coaching team. (Via Geoff Howe)
  • All of the 21 non-desk players that the Patriots abdicated on Saturday went unclaimed through the wiring wire. This means that all of them will be eligible to return through the coaching team.
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