The Orange Women won the Martens exhibition rematch with Denmark

The Orange Women won the Martens exhibition rematch with Denmark

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Dutch footballers beat Denmark in an exhibition match

The Orange soccer players won a practice match against Denmark. It became 2-0 in Zwolle thanks to goals from Dominik Jansen and Lynneth Berenstein.

National coach Andres Juncker made a place for Lake Martins in the starting team. The last time Martens, 29, was seen in a Dutch national team shirt, was on July 17. Then she was substituted in the European Championship match against Switzerland due to a foot injury.

Then she continued to struggle with injuries, but on Sunday she joined the Orange team for the first time. “I hope I can start playing football again and enjoy the game, because that’s the best thing,” he sounded optimistic.

Lots of talent

She was concerned that the young talent was given a chance at Orange during her absence. “It’s healthy, I think, for young girls with so much talent to arrive who bring something extra. I see that as a very beautiful thing. I would have loved that earlier.”

Martins back with oranges, but with knee problems: ‘I’m sick of my body’

In the match against Denmark, Martins again showed himself quickly. It was the first chance for the Paris Saint-Germain striker. She headed towards the goal and forced a save from Lyn Christensen, the Denmark goalkeeper.

Christensen was passed by Jansen moments later. The defender collected the ball from Sherida Spizzi’s free-kick on her knee and watched her effort bounce into the far post.

Danish opportunities are few

Denmark did little to counter this, only once coming in front of Daphne van Domselaar’s goal.

Own goal moment for Bernstein, Juncker sees ‘fantastic combinations’

After the break, Martens – according to plan – did not return to the field. Her substitute Jill Bainings created the first danger of the second half. Her shot deflected. Two minutes later, Berenstein hit the mark and doubled the lead.

And fifteen minutes before the end of the match, Dutch goalkeeper Van Domselaar was turned on. You made a good free-kick save and watched the rebound fly over the goal.

World Cup in July 2023

The exhibition match with Costa Rica on Friday was also won (4-0). The Orange Women are using these duels in preparation for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, which won’t take place until July 2023.

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