The next iPad Pro has a glass-enclosed Apple logo and may be able to charge wirelessly — a Japanese version built in


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Apple’s testing of the next iPad Pro’s glass back for wireless charging has been reported by reliable sources like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

However, the plan may have been eventually abandoned because it would be brittle if it were made of glass, and instead the Apple logo (in the shape of an apple) could be enlarged and made of glass for wireless charging, and rumors have been reported that this has been done.

The source for this rumor is Apple’s information site US 9to5Mac. According to the source, one of the glass Apple logo prototypes has a MagSafe charging system with a magnet that is stronger than the iPhone version to prevent accidents, and the charging speed is faster than the iPhone’s MagSafe. .

It is common for Apple to make multiple prototypes of future models, and even if such a prototype already exists, there is no guarantee that it will be released. However, the upcoming iPad Pro’s redesign and the expectation that it will support wireless charging are in agreement with several restructurings (those providing influential information about unreleased products) and analysts. I’m here.

With the current iPad Pro (2021), the back is hidden when wearing the Magic Keyboard or Smart Folio, but I’m also wondering how to wirelessly charge when wearing it. There will probably be a “MagSafe compatible” specification for the iPad, and the accessories that go with it will appear.

The other iPad Pro (2022) has a larger battery (some Magic Keyboard users report that the battery drains abnormally), and has a notch (a notch at the top of the screen) like the iPhone. There are rumors that it will have the same camera module as the iPhone 13 and will have a new processor.

The next MacBook Air (2022) is expected to adopt the “M2” processor from the M1 chip. It is very likely that the next iPad Pro will have the same processor.

Source: 9to5Mac

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