The new Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner takes care of pets

The new Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner takes care of pets

Samsung Electronics has introduced a new model of the robotic vacuum cleaner in South Korea – the Jet Bot AI Robot Detailed Vacuum Cleaner.

The new robotic vacuum cleaner has advanced cleaning capabilities using an artificial intelligence system. It is able to recognize objects with high accuracy. As noted by the developers, the “training” was carried out on more than a million images. The vacuum cleaner recognizes many household appliances and furniture such as televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, beds, sofas, etc., and the device can also recognize small things such as stools, socks, electrical wires, and glass cups.

Jet Bot AI uses Intel’s Movidius AI solution to provide accurate object recognition. The vacuum cleaner is able to recognize obstacles at a distance of 1 cm and a height of 1 cm. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner has a pair of cameras and a lid.

The new Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner takes care of pets

Control is supported by voice commands. For example, you might command: “Take away from the TV.” The vacuum cleaner can recognize the type of coverage and automatically select the desired cleaning mode. The possibility of automatic cleaning of the dust container when it is filled or when the cleaning process is finished.

However, the main distinguishing feature of the device was its ability to care for pets. The vacuum cleaner is programmed to recognize unusual animal behavior, such as barking loudly or lack of movement for long periods. In this case, the user will receive a notification on the smartphone.

There is also a built-in loudspeaker that the vacuum cleaner can play music to pets. Korean pet app developer Ajinyangi helped Samsung. The vacuum cleaner is loaded with 20 tones that can be played in random order.

The Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner is available in five colors and costs approximately $ 1500.

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