The new Apple phone, the Apple Store is offering 7-color iMac, the new iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K for sale at the same time | Apple Daily

The new Apple phone, the Apple Store is offering 7-color iMac, the new iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K for sale at the same time | Apple Daily

Earlier, Apple released a number of new products at its March conference. In addition to the first AirTag unveiled, today (May 21) all new color iMacs, the new iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K are finally on sale online. After Gadget Guy dismantled the new yellow iMac, many viewers expressed an interest in the other colors, so today we also went to the Apple Store right away and headed straight for all seven colors, including blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, and the new iMac in orange. And silver.

Orange, purple, and yellow are available to order online only, and color keyboards may be purchased separately

After a round of filming and observing, my favorite color is still blue; Even the green “Tiffany” feels so much fun. The pink face is actually very attractive, the base colors and the accessories are very easy for girls, the only thing is that the back of the camera is a bit dark, I wonder which one in your opinion is the most attractive? I have to mention everyone, too. Currently, the new iMac is only available in blue, green, pink, and silver for in-store purchases, while the orange, purple, and yellow colors are only available for online ordering. Additionally, different new color keyboards can also be ordered independently online, but they are not available in store, so please pay attention.

Experience the new iPad Pro with a brighter 12.9-inch screen and see first-class HDR

After reading the new iMac, of course, you should also be looking at the new iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro is the same as the previous generation, with a screen size of 11 inches and 12.9 inches. Not much changed from the previous generation, but the M1 core was used as well. The octa-core CPU and octa-core GPU are even more powerful than the new entry-level iMac. It is mainly equipped with 8GB RAM and 128GB memory, with the maximum capacity is 512GB, if the RAM model is 16GB, you can also choose 1TB or 2TB memory, which is basically a computer hardware configuration . In the scene, I used iMovie to test its speed. I used several 4K videos and added a lot of special effects like split screens and picture-in-picture. The process was completely smooth and there was no bottleneck. It came out 2 minutes 30 seconds The final product video in 4K was taking about 1 minute 30 seconds.

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Although both devices have been replaced by the M1, when it comes to the overall development, the larger 12.9-inch version has changed even more. The reason is that the 12.9-inch version has been replaced by the Liquid Retina XDR display, which contains the latest version of the Mini. LED technology improves brightness less. The new iPad Pro 11-inch has 600 nits, while the 12.9-inch has 1,000 nits, which can be increased to 1,600 nits when viewing HDR photos or videos. Although you may not see much difference under the lens, the actual brightness has a big difference, which is definitely useful for professionals who have high image requirements or who need to process HDR photo videos. It should be noted, however, that the 12.9-inch (6.4 mm) model is thus thicker than the 11-inch (5.9 mm) model.

In addition, the front lens of the new device from the previous generation of 7 million pixels has been upgraded to 12 million pixels, and the Center Stage function has been updated. Under machine learning and ultra-wide angle, the camera can move evenly to keep the hero in the center of the camera. Actual test response is very fast and accurate. It reacts faster at short distances than at long distances, and the range of movement is very large, which can cope with a wide range of activities; And the most powerful feature is that not only does it know how to align with the human head, if there are more people entering the camera, and they know how to position all the characters in the middle of the camera as possible. In addition, the new device also supports 5G network and can connect Thunderbolt 3 and USB 4 to an external display, and a white Magic Keyboard has been newly installed. According to a store assistant, all new 11-inch iPad Pro models are currently available from stock, but the 12.9-inch 5G version only has the 512GB version.

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The new Apple TV 4k remote control is easy to use, quickly turn around and search

There’s also a new product on the shelves today, the new Apple TV 4K. The appearance of the new Apple TV 4K host hasn’t changed much, but the interior has been replaced by an A12 core and more storage capacity, with 32G and 64G options. The biggest difference with the new device is the newly designed remote control, which has more buttons, along with the physical and touchpad buttons, which can be operated via buttons or with a light touch. Users can even use the circular touch ring to easily control fast forward or rewind film, and the control feels very good and very intuitive. However, the demand for Apple TV is not high, and not everyone wants to change, so the remote control can also be purchased independently.

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Editor: Zou Zhongan


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