The Netherlands is the first country in athletics. Sixth place in the Olympic Women’s Medal

The Netherlands is the first country in athletics.  Sixth place in the Olympic Women's Medal

Sivan Hasan crosses the end of the 10,000m final. Photo: ANP

After the Olympics, the Netherlands can safely call itself the title of the number one country in athletics. The team finished sixth in the medal table in Tokyo with eight medals.

Holland were good for two golds (Sivan Hasan 5,000 and 10,000 metres), three times silver (Anouk Vetter in the heptathlon, Abdi Nagy in the marathon, and the men’s 4×400 relay) and three times bronze (Hassan in the 1,500 metres, Emma Ostrogel on the heptathlon and Fimke Paul in the heptathlon). 400m hurdles race.

The USA has the most sports medals: a total of 26 (seven gold, twelve silver, seven bronze). Surprisingly Italy came in second with five gold medals. Kenya collected ten medals (four gold, four silver and two bronze).

Traditionally the major athletics nations behind the Netherlands

The European Indoor Championships in March in Poland was already the harbinger of an unprecedented harvest in Tokyo. With four gold, one silver and two bronze medals, the team took the lead in the medal standings.

Subsequently, traditionally large athletics nations such as Great Britain and Germany took second place behind the Netherlands, and this was also the case at the Games in Tokyo. The British scored six medals while the Germans scored only three.

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