The Netherlands finished the Winter Games with sixth place in the medal table

The Netherlands finished the Winter Games with sixth place in the medal table

The Netherlands received a total of seventeen medals from China. With this, TeamNL finished sixth in the Olympic medal table. This is one place lower than the previous Winter Games in Russia’s Sochi (2014) and South Korea’s Pyeongchang (2018).

The Netherlands has won eight gold, five silver and four bronze medals. In Sochi, the Dutch sports team witnessed the most successful Winter Games ever in eight years with 24 medals, including eight gold, seven silver and nine bronze. Four years ago, in Pyeongchang, the counter finally took twenty medals: eight gold, six silver, and six bronze.

Women win the most gold

The Netherlands owes its sixth place mainly to women. One TeamNL member won six of the eight gold medals in China. The Netherlands was the best performing country for women at these Winter Games.

Speed ​​skater Erin Schuten has won three Olympic titles, in the 3000 and 5000 meters and a group start. Short track star Susan Schulting took gold in the 1000m and led the relay team to an Olympic title. Erin West took home the sixth gold in her long sledding career in the 1500m.

The Netherlands also won two silver and four bronze. The men won two gold and three silver medals in Beijing.

Norway is the most successful during the Winter Games

This time, Norway was the most successful during the Winter Games. The country won sixteen gold medals, which is a record. The Norwegians also won eight silvers and thirteen bronzes. Norway owes the first place in the medal standings mainly to men. Ten gold medals came in the name of Norwegian men.

Germany took second place in the medal standings. This was also the case in South Korea in 2018. The German team leaves the Chinese capital with twelve gold, ten silver and five bronze medals.

China was surprised to take third place in the final standings, just above the United States. The host country for the Winter Games came with fifteen slides, nine of which were gold. The United States and Sweden, like TeamNL, have also won eight Olympic titles, but are only higher in the final standings due to more silver and bronze medals.

Most places to Russia

The Russian sports team achieved the largest number of positions after Norway, that is, 32. But the team still lags behind, for example, the Netherlands. This is because the team won fewer gold medals.

Italy, which will host the Winter Games in four years, finished thirteenth on the medal table with two gold, seven silver and eight bronze. Canada, the country that finished third in the final standings four years ago, is now disappointed with the 11th place.

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Gold (8!) Irene Schouten is the best Dutch athlete ever at the Winter Olympics

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The Netherlands finished the Winter Games with sixth place in the medal table

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