The Netherlands example: a waterbus connecting Cologne, Duisburg and Düsseldorf

The Netherlands example: a waterbus connecting Cologne, Duisburg and Düsseldorf

Dusseldorf – The largest water transport company “Waterbus” in the Netherlands with a capacity of 1.9 million passengers per year is a role model in Düsseldorf!

The new black and green city hall is preparing, in cooperation with the Rhine region, the “Rhine Shuttle” connection with eight landings between Cologne in the south, Düsseldorf in the center, and Duisburg in the north.

The Netherlands is in the lead: millions of passengers already go there on “waterbus” lines. Top speed: 40 km / h

Photo: photo alliance / Jochen Tack

Cologne’s new interim report on the split between the Niehl and Porz districts of Cologne is currently being discussed in Düsseldorf City Hall. Parliamentary Group President Rolf Tobs (65, CDU) said: “This represents a big step forward, and he explicitly recommends building a water bus system to reduce passenger traffic and consequently pollution on our roads.”

The politician is confident that the feasibility study parallel to the entire process and “maybe beyond” will lead to the same conclusion. Tobus said Transport Minister Hendrik Faust, 45, of the CDU, welcomed the new results, saying, “We have already set a date.”

The report recommends the use of motorboats on board the Rhein-Shuttle, which can board as many as 100 people if possible. You should be running at least 30 mph and have reliable timelines. According to experts, battery electric motors and “hybrid solutions” infrastructure are feasible.

It is difficult to estimate how long this will be implemented. But Tobs says, “We want to speed up! If we are to achieve our goal of being climate neutral in Düsseldorf by 2035, diverting passenger traffic to buses, trains, bicycles and the Rhine River will be an important part.”

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