The Netherlands can still hope for a wildcard

The Netherlands can still hope for a wildcard

Portugal got their World Cup ticket bearing the name Holland on it yesterday noon. Orange has yet to be completely eliminated in the final tournament in January 2023.

In Eindhoven, the Netherlands gave up its lead with three goals (30-33) obtained in Portimao. After 15-17 in the first half, Portugal won 28-35.

at least
32 countries, including Portugal, will participate in next year’s world championships, which will be held in Poland and Sweden. Holland failed to qualify through the play-offs, but Erlinger Richardson’s formation still hoped to get wild card

At least one country has been invited by the IHF to participate in the World Cup despite a failed attempt to qualify. During the last World Championships in Egypt, two wild cards They distributed.

Poland and Russia
In 2021, Poland and Russia, based on their position on classification They are still participating in the final tournament in North Africa. Because of the infection, the United States and the Czech Republic had to hand over the World Cup ticket, so that Switzerland and Macedonia were added to the field of participants.

The last World Cup qualifiers were in June (Mexico) and July (Egypt). After that, the IHF will move over wild cards Bend so that the field of participants in Poland and Sweden 32 countries. Because of the 10th place in the European Championships in Hungary, Orange is not in bad shape.

Photo: Jaap van der Begel

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