The Netherlands and the United Kingdom connect wind farms in the North Sea

The future IJmuiden Ver wind farm, to be built some 80 kilometers off the coast in the North Sea, must also be connected to the British electricity grid. This is the result of a cooperation agreement between the Dutch network operator Tennet and the British National Network. At the same time, large English wind farms in the North Sea must be connected to the Dutch power grid.

The Netherlands already has an energy connection with Great Britain, with the Netherlands in particular exporting electricity from Maasflact II in Rotterdam. To make electricity production more sustainable, electricity exchange between North Sea countries is becoming increasingly important. Because wind and sun cannot be controlled by humans, a shortage will occur once and the other an excess.

Jean-Paul Dickmanns of Tenet is in charge of the collaboration and believes that the energy systems of the UK and the Netherlands can complement each other well. Great Britain, for example, has much more nuclear power than the Netherlands. If the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine, it will be a welcome addition to the Dutch system in the future. This is mainly based on wind and sun, supported by conventional gas-fired power plants at present.

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