The municipality warns entrepreneurs: “Only in 2025 will the company’s zero-emission cars on the track”

The municipality warns entrepreneurs: "Only in 2025 will the company's zero-emission cars on the track"

The city’s entrepreneurs received a letter from the municipality this month stating that within four years, cars from gasoline and diesel companies will not be allowed to drive in most of the city.

The letter, which is about banning heavy freight traffic, states that Amsterdam must become cleaner and more sustainable. Which is why from 2025 only the company’s clean, zero-emission vehicles will be allowed to drive inside the A10 ring road.

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It has been known for some time that the municipality intends to ban diesel and petrol commercial vehicles. In February of this year, the city council, in response to questions from the VVD, announced that it is still possible. “We are working to inform and facilitate all of the city’s entrepreneurs where possible to make the transition.”

The message that arrived this month states that entrepreneurs can get subsidies to switch to electric cars. This is still possible until the end of 2022.

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City Logistics lecturer, Walther Ploos van Amstel, describes the message as “premature” in his blog. According to him, it is not at all true that diesel company cars can be banned from 2025. According to him, it could take until 2030. “It would be in the interest of the municipality to provide clarity now for businessmen who serve their customers within the A10 ring road.”

Following the letter to the entrepreneurs, VVD wants to have a discussion with local council member Egberrt de Vries (Traffic) about the plans soon. According to the party, the proposal raises legitimate questions and concerns among entrepreneurs. The discussion should revolve around the “status, feasibility and desirability” of the plans.

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