The most contagious type is more common in and outside Europe

Biden maakt plannen bekend voor corona-aanpak VS

The most contagious type is more common in and outside Europe

The French authorities said late on Friday that a new, more contagious variant of the Coronavirus has also appeared in France. The infected person is a Frenchman living in Great Britain and has been isolated at home in Tours, central France. He arrived from London on December 19 and tested positive in hospital two days later, but did not show signs of illness

Earlier on Christmas Day, Ireland announced that it had found the mutated virus there as well. Outside Europe, reports of the most contagious type were reported in Japan and Lebanon on Friday.

Infectious asymmetry of up to 70 percent was recently first discovered in England. According to British scientists, there are still no indications that the alternative is more lethal or makes people sicker. Several countries have imposed restrictions on travelers from the United Kingdom to prevent the spread of the modified version of the Coronavirus.

In the Netherlands, the new variant is now found in three people. On Christmas Day, a case of a patient was found in the Rotterdam-Regenmund region.

This was the main news of Christmas Day

Welcome to this blog, as the Norwegian Refugee Council tracks the most important developments around Covid-19. This was the headline news for Friday, December 25:

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